There We Are Coming Soon



Rope Making Out Of Local Plant’s Bark

1, Take bark out of plant or branch

2, splash it on water to make it smoother and softer.

3, Twist it together and dry it out.

Life On The Edge Of The Society

The Sadhu

When i asked this sadhu about what life wants from us. he replied me in three words- ‘peaceful, easy and pure’ (શાંત, સરળ, નીમૅળ) that is what the life is.

The Sadhus are the one who comes out of the society to control the society of the whole human generation. who has to take care of the consecrated space of the particular area. Now a days as there are no consecrated space left in between society, sadhus prefer to move out of the society in  a isolate area on the edge of the settlement.

Holy Tea, when pray gets over sadhu use same holy fire place for preparing tea.

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