Going Organic, Going Healthy

Sikkim – India’s first organic state

which farmer doesn’t care about the money through mass production and think about the health of the people ? In Sikkim the farmers are not having any thought of using pesticides in the practice of farming. So all the local fruits and vegetables we gets in the state are 100% organic. It is healthy practice but in front of high demand the low production leads to high value of the products and we can easily see that in Sikkim.

these are the some of the flower exhibitions picture on the declaration day of Sikkim as a first organic city of India at Gangtok. I tried one organic orange there and i could actually make a difference with the one which we get in other urban cities.



The Ringing Ruins Of The Polo Forest

The Polo Forest- The gateway to the Marwar (Rajasthan) from Gujarat. It is believed that Rathor of Marwar conquered on Vijaynagar and named it a ‘POL’ means the gateway, between Gujarat- Rajasthan.

i was going through all the ancient temple there which was built by kings and the most common thing i found was that all of those were caring battle mark on it. The God’s Statue were got robed from all the temple so now the temples were known with the art and architecture it has, then with the name of god. there was one Shiva temple which had no statue of him but had a pretty small statue of a girl with a mirror (shown in the picture) and that temple was known with that statue of girl than Shiva.

The Beginning

The Complemnteary Bikes

I was thinking of starting my bicycle expedition on a 5 years old heavy metal bike of alumni Vishal Maravia, which I was using in college for last four years as I had no money of buying a new gear-bike.

On a fine sunny day, at the advent of spring, while I was relishing my hot chai at Chiman, it struck me suddenly, “Why not Neil Patel’s bike? He is not using it anyway!”. So I requested him if he could lend it to me for six months. In reply, you can see the picture with my backpack on it (Paragraph courtesy-Darpan Kalyani).

I am very thankful to both of my alumni for their complementary bikes.