The Blurred Reality


while we bicycle for the longer distance we always look far at the destination and at one time we doubts about the speed of our bicycle. We thinks that weather we are moving further or not. But the reality hides not far at the destination but very near to us, just below our foot and at nearest place of wherever we are. Whenever I doubts about my speed and it’s hard to bicycle, I simply uses to look down to the blurred road. There I can actually see the speed of something which is moving so fast even at slow pedal and i keeps pedalling.


Go For Hunger, Not For Taste

On the 5th day of my journey, after cycling for around 4-5 hours in the morning, I was pretty hungry. Looked for food around but there wasn’t any sign of food joints for around 30-40 kms, then I came across a tiny shop (shown in the picture) in some remote village of Polo forest, just offering food packets and Parle-gs. It had been a while since I had Parle-g.

Bought 2 packets of the biscuits available and a bottle of water and started pedaling again. Eating biscuits with a hungry stomach and pedaling hard, the experience had never been this amazing.It was for the first time I realized, that even Parle-g could taste this sweet.

On the days that followed, Parle-g was a companion in my journey. I always carried a packet or two with me.