Going Organic, Going Healthy

Sikkim – India’s first organic state

which farmer doesn’t care about the money through mass production and think about the health of the people ? In Sikkim the farmers are not having any thought of using pesticides in the practice of farming. So all the local fruits and vegetables we gets in the state are 100% organic. It is healthy practice but in front of high demand the low production leads to high value of the products and we can easily see that in Sikkim.

these are the some of the flower exhibitions picture on the declaration day of Sikkim as a first organic city of India at Gangtok. I tried one organic orange there and i could actually make a difference with the one which we get in other urban cities.



when ATM gives surprise about debit card

I updated my debit card in Gujarat before 2 days I left for Sikkim by train. After i reached to the Sikkim it was been my 5th day and I had Rs.200 left in pocket. I went to the nearest ATM and it gave me surprise message that ‘your card is not registered’. The bank told me that my card will activate after 2 days of issue. So Now I don’t have bank papers or contact as I am away from home. I registered complain through phone and they are saying that it will take week to reply. So it’s Rs. 200 for a week