The Kid’s Click


I was walking with my bicycle in Shoolpaneshwar wild life sanctuary and I met this two local kid who were playing on the bank of river. i requested them to join me for a walk and there they took me at waterfall after half an hour of walk together.

Being raw traveler it is hard to keep our self tip-top while traveling, so this was the perfect place to take bath as i hadn’t had since 2 days. it was must capture moment for me taking bath at this rocking place, so i requested one of the kid to take a picture of mine from my smart phone. at first chance he refuge to do so as he hadn’t use the smart phone before. then after I taught him that its a simple touch you have to make and that’s it.

I handed over my phone to him with camera switching on and went for a bath. after a while he came to me to check the photograph. there were two photograph which he took and this is the one which didn’t make my day but the whole trip.


It was simply speechless moment of my trip.

The Blurred Reality


while we bicycle for the longer distance we always look far at the destination and at one time we doubts about the speed of our bicycle. We thinks that weather we are moving further or not. But the reality hides not far at the destination but very near to us, just below our foot and at nearest place of wherever we are. Whenever I doubts about my speed and it’s hard to bicycle, I simply uses to look down to the blurred road. There I can actually see the speed of something which is moving so fast even at slow pedal and i keeps pedalling.

Riding Polo Forest, Gujarat

Cycling under silent shadow of the forest . MVI 0620