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The Kid’s Click


I was walking with my bicycle in Shoolpaneshwar wild life sanctuary and I met this two local kid who were playing on the bank of river. i requested them to join me for a walk and there they took me at waterfall after half an hour of walk together.

Being raw traveler it is hard to keep our self tip-top while traveling, so this was the perfect place to take bath as i hadn’t had since 2 days. it was must capture moment for me taking bath at this rocking place, so i requested one of the kid to take a picture of mine from my smart phone. at first chance he refuge to do so as he hadn’t use the smart phone before. then after I taught him that its a simple touch you have to make and that’s it.

I handed over my phone to him with camera switching on and went for a bath. after a while he came to me to check the photograph. there were two photograph which he took and this is the one which didn’t make my day but the whole trip.


It was simply speechless moment of my trip.

The Darjeeling Jigsaw

it’s not just there, it’s far more then there

Dripping Drops

The Holi Water Of Mountain Temple

24 x 7 tiny water drips makes whole temple cave so cold from within that whole temple gets shifted inside cave in every summer and outside in every winter. the dripping drops has the potential to give and hold the temple life for years on the mountain. The people uses same water to satisfy all their needs on the mountain.

In India it’s saying that ‘if you want to keep water place clean, you make a temple there’ and it actually works here. if this place wouldn’t have temple there, the water place would might not have this clean and useful.

The Polo Forest

where the forest, the river, the mountain and the dam all meets together at one place with little touch of historical monuments and off course adivasi (tribe). being solo i was not able to afford trekking guide as it was hard to trek alone. After a while a group of people find me as a bicycle tourist and came to talk to me who were planing to go on trek with guide. so the above trekking picture i got as a complementary company.

Idar, The Home Of Wooden Toys.

IMG_0471A lady making wooden toys at home.

Idar is known for it’s wooden toy making. There are many household industries where mainly women carve out the toys and make them in their free time from local wood and men sell those in the market. There is one room for storage and other one on the street side for a ‘toy making machine’ that is attached to each of the house.

Life On The Edge Of The Society

The Sadhu

When i asked this sadhu about what life wants from us. he replied me in three words- ‘peaceful, easy and pure’ (શાંત, સરળ, નીમૅળ) that is what the life is.

The Sadhus are the one who comes out of the society to control the society of the whole human generation. who has to take care of the consecrated space of the particular area. Now a days as there are no consecrated space left in between society, sadhus prefer to move out of the society in  a isolate area on the edge of the settlement.

Holy Tea, when pray gets over sadhu use same holy fire place for preparing tea.

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Hiking through the caves.

It gives feeling of ants walking through pile of grain. you can walk inside mountain of big boulders and also come out from anywhere. MVI 0495

Finding myself


As part of my final architectural thesis, I decided to take an year long bicycle trip across the length and breath of India to understand and learn about the architectural diversity of our country. Continue reading Finding myself