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Going Organic, Going Healthy

Sikkim – India’s first organic state

which farmer doesn’t care about the money through mass production and think about the health of the people ? In Sikkim the farmers are not having any thought of using pesticides in the practice of farming. So all the local fruits and vegetables we gets in the state are 100% organic. It is healthy practice but in front of high demand the low production leads to high value of the products and we can easily see that in Sikkim.

these are the some of the flower exhibitions picture on the declaration day of Sikkim as a first organic city of India at Gangtok. I tried one organic orange there and i could actually make a difference with the one which we get in other urban cities.


when ATM gives surprise about debit card

I updated my debit card in Gujarat before 2 days I left for Sikkim by train. After i reached to the Sikkim it was been my 5th day and I had Rs.200 left in pocket. I went to the nearest ATM and it gave me surprise message that ‘your card is not registered’. The bank told me that my card will activate after 2 days of issue. So Now I don’t have bank papers or contact as I am away from home. I registered complain through phone and they are saying that it will take week to reply. So it’s Rs. 200 for a week

Rope Making Out Of Local Plant’s Bark

1, Take bark out of plant or branch

2, splash it on water to make it smoother and softer.

3, Twist it together and dry it out.

The Poverty Attack Of Mumbai

As I have to go back college in 20 days i decided to go Mumbai by train for Mumbai-Goa bicycle expedition. The moment I reached and came out of the Mumbai railway station something very unexpected happened with me. There were few slum kids who came to me and start begging, as I am quickly notable because of my long hair and touring bike, within a minute few other came and there was 15 at a time. I was so sorry to help them out anyway.the moment they realised that, they started attacking me all together to snatch something. Fortunately everything was packed in a single bag so they couldn’t snatch anything and I managed to escape.
It has not ended yet. By the time I managed to escape from there I saw one another’s coconut bicycle carrier fell down and I could see coconut spreaded on whole width of the road. Within a 10 sec. There were no coconut on the road as well as in a hand of coconut man.all kids took one or two and went missing..

Cave Architecture Of Idar

In a temperature of 45 °C and above, Some of Idar people are having such a great way of building their house under boulders. It Requires only one or two wall to build your home.

when i asked photographed lady about staying under boulder she replied that in summer it’s as much as cooler as much as it’s hot outside, so local city people uses to come and seat here in the summer just to get chilled.

The Beginning

The Complemnteary Bikes

I was thinking of starting my bicycle expedition on a 5 years old heavy metal bike of alumni Vishal Maravia, which I was using in college for last four years as I had no money of buying a new gear-bike.

On a fine sunny day, at the advent of spring, while I was relishing my hot chai at Chiman, it struck me suddenly, “Why not Neil Patel’s bike? He is not using it anyway!”. So I requested him if he could lend it to me for six months. In reply, you can see the picture with my backpack on it (Paragraph courtesy-Darpan Kalyani).

I am very thankful to both of my alumni for their complementary bikes.