My name Is Prayag Kadivar. I am pursuing final year architecture thesis from APIED, Vidhyanagar in Gujarat. As travelling has so much importance in the field of architecture education I decided to do my thesis based on travel experiences having title ‘ The Adventure Of Learning Architecture’. I had to travel for a year and had no money for a month also. I really wanted to do thesis on travel experiences. There were two way I thought to travel which is either I wait to get money or I make travelling almost a free. So I came up with my own money saving way of travel. I choose to travel only by bicycle, staying only in tent and preparing atleast dinner by myself. This actually worked better than I expected because it’s unbelievable for me even that I am actually travelling with spending just half of my college expense.
It’s been my 5th month now on a bicycle with travelling through 10 states of NW India. There is still five months to go(officially). I am thinking of to travel Bhutan, seven sisters and Thailand further on my expedition.


Through this travel research out of classroom i want to call the world about very true essence of education. The education, which now a days are being practiced based on facts, figures, marks and employment oriented than based on self awareness. After Getting PhD. also person doesn’t know that ‘What the hell he/she wants to do in his/her life?’

further based on this call i want to travel to knock global head. thank you for your support.


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