The peace of roaring colors


Rumtek monastery,

one of Gangtok’s most well known landmarks perches solemnly with its wings bursting forth with colours aplomb. A contrasting cocktail of psychedelic patterns with its overall tranquil countenance.


3 hours waiting at 3 am in a 3 degree Celsius


The tiger hill, Darjeeling. The place where you can see one of the  magnificent sunrise with a view of the Mount Everest and the Kanchenjunga together on a side. As the place holds limited numbers of people, the people starts coming early in the morning from 3 am onwards. They waits for 3 hours in a 3 degree Celsius on their foot just to see the sunrise which takes place at around 6 am. It’s  wonderful to see the 3 minutes live play of lights between the sun and the Kanchenjunga. There is sun rising from the east and from the north we can see the rays hitting  Kanchenjunga(the third highest mountain in the world) peak. The peak changes it’s color so dramatically from blue to orange to pink within a minutes.



when I started my new year’s ride today in Sikkim, I found these balloons on side or the road wishing me happy 2016.

I gave it a place on my bicycle 🚲 to make my bicycle best wisher throughout journey.