The Poverty Attack Of Mumbai

As I have to go back college in 20 days i decided to go Mumbai by train for Mumbai-Goa bicycle expedition. The moment I reached and came out of the Mumbai railway station something very unexpected happened with me. There were few slum kids who came to me and start begging, as I am quickly notable because of my long hair and touring bike, within a minute few other came and there was 15 at a time. I was so sorry to help them out anyway.the moment they realised that, they started attacking me all together to snatch something. Fortunately everything was packed in a single bag so they couldn’t snatch anything and I managed to escape.
It has not ended yet. By the time I managed to escape from there I saw one another’s coconut bicycle carrier fell down and I could see coconut spreaded on whole width of the road. Within a 10 sec. There were no coconut on the road as well as in a hand of coconut man.all kids took one or two and went missing..


2 thoughts on “The Poverty Attack Of Mumbai

  1. you are right friend but Poverty Attack not only on Mumbai same things happen in whole nation but i think this is not a issue this is condition which is created by them or may be us, my grandma one day told me “poverty comes from stomach”, and when anythings comes from stomach(hungriness), its happen with you, with me or anywhere any place, city , village , house …….. no mater Mumbai , Bangalore, or Ahmadabad…u.s.a or china…
    ITS ALL ABOUT HUNGRINESS (how you know you are hungry, how i know, how one lion know and how one dog know, and finally what is action – movement-result ) 🙂


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